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Art History
The objective
Over the past 4 or 5 trimesters we discussed the Elements of Design. After learning about each Element of Design we applied our knowledge to actual art projects,many times combining more than one element. At this time you are going to to find out how different artisits' and cultures utilized these elements in their own work.
This site was created to offer you a unique way of looking at the history of art. Art, like most things has gone through many changes and innovations throughout human existence. These changes are mark by "eras". You will find that eras are sometimes refered to as "movements", "styles" or "periods". 


The objective of this lesson is for you to work independently learning a little about all of the different eras, then focus on one era that appeals to you the most, and create a piece of art work from that era.


Where we begin

If you placed all of the eras on a timeline it can become very confusing, in many cases the eras overlap and one era is born out of another. To make this a little easier to understand we will break down the history of art into five time periods. These periods are listed below. Within these different time periods are listed twenty eras. Our focus will be on twelve of these eras.


1. Ancient Art (The following are a few of the types of art during this period)

A. Pre-Historic

B. Egyptian

C. Greek

D. Roman


2. Medieval Art (The following are a few of the types of art during this period)

A. Byzantine 

B. Early Medieval

C. Gothic


3. Renaissance

A. Early & High Renaissance

B. Rococo

C. Realism

D. Impressionism


4. Modern

A. Experssionism

B. Fauvism

C. Cubism

D. Surrealism

E. Abstract Expressionism

F. Pop Art


5. Contemporary

A. Post Modern

B. Graffetti Art

C. Feminist


A tab has been created at the top of the page for each of the twelve eras we will focus on. In reading over the information within these pages you will be introduced to the art of the era as well as one of the artists that was made famous during the era, a slide show of the artists work and a project based on the type of art from the era.  This is where your assignment begins. Please go to the "Your Assignment" tab on the menu bar to locate the instructions on how to proceed.



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